Battery Switch Remote Pull Cable

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The remote pull cable is to be used with 2 or 6 pin battery isolation switches either internally or externally.
An excellent addition if it is not possible to mount the isolator switch within reach of the driver.

As per Schedule C of the Motorsport Australia Manual noted below.

Each Automobile in a Circuit Race (except a Superkart) must, of necessity, also be required to comply with the following:
(i) On each Automobile, other than those of the 5th Category, fitted with an electric fuel pump, the pump power supply must cut off in a maximum of six seconds after the engine stops;
(j) Each Automobile of the 2nd and 3rd Category must be equipped with a battery isolation (master) switch which isolates the battery and stops the engine, and:
(i) it must be capable of being operated by the driver in his normal seated position;
(ii) there must be a second switch, or a remote means of operating the main switch, from the vicinity of the base of the A pillar on the driver’s side or, for an Automobile with no A pillar, in a comparable position; and
(iii) each external device must be clearly marked by a symbol showing a red spark in a white edged blue triangle of minimum edge length 150mm


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