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Alpinestars is always looking for new ways to improve driver safety and increase protection.

The  Alpinestars TECH-1 ZX V3 glove provides a 20% improvement in heat transmission, achieved whilst still offering the exceptional combination of fit, feel and grip. Developed with leading drivers in F1 and Endurance, with a new dual-sided honeycomb two-layer fabric, the Tech-1 ZX V3 Gloves offer exceptional protection while significantly improving breathability.

The new 3D silicon print palm provides excellent levels of grip from a reduced print surface, giving more feel.

The Alpinestars TECH-1 ZX V3 glove’s pre-curve shape has been increased from the previous version, resulting in a better fit and less material bunching when holding the wheel.

  • External seams provide superior comfort and prevent any excessive pressure points from forming on the hands while driving
  • Pre-curved fingers and palm help improve fit and reduce fatigue while driving.
  • Outer grip zones for superb control and feel on the cockpit’s controls.
  • Touchscreen compatible thumb and second fingertip.

Certified to FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard.

Refer to the Sanctioning body for the events you compete in for apparel safety requirements, some links below –

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPEEDWAY RACING ( for specific requirements for your level of competition.


MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA MANUAL – Motorsport Australia   TECHNICAL APPENDIX Schedule D – APPAREL for specific requirements for your level of competition.


Motorsport Licensing & Event Insurance – Appendices – Australian Auto-Sport Alliance ( for specific requirements for your level of competition.

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