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The Stilo Trophy DES Offshore is essentially a standard Trophy DES helmet prepared for offshore use where the Fluro helmet color is mandatory.
This Kelvar/Fiberglass Composite helmet carries FIA 8859 certification.

The Trophy DES Offshore has integrated communications equipment as well as Stilo’s proprietary earmuffs.


  • M6 nut integrated into the shell to interface with Head and Neck Restraint Systems.*
  • Flex pipe mounted to the helmet shell provides a stable, secure location for the microphone with precise adjustment.
  • Noise Attenuating Earmuffs provide a significantly quieter environment for the driver.
  • Pressure on the head can be adjusted using the special foam rubber pads placed between the earmuff and the helmet.
  • Earmuffs unique shape ensures they stay in place and do not make the helmet difficult to put on or take off.

You may also use Ear bud style earphones with an optional adapter.

* Note: HANS users must purchase HANS Posts from Stilo to use with their HANS – standard HANS Posts will not fit the integrated anchor.

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