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This Clear rear Spoiler from Bell is only suited to KC7 CMR series helmets.

Bell’s rear spoilers are designed to help improve the overall aerodynamic performance of the helmet.

The wing is available in clear and attaches with double sided adhesive.

Bell spoilers can be custom painted but Bell recommends using the adhesive to attach the spoiler to the helmet.


Bell Auto Racing Motorsport helmets have been worn by more Champions in all forms of auto racing than any other helmet brand since 1954.

Revolution Racegear is proud to represent Bell Auto Racing Helmets in Australia. Revolution Racegear has been the Official Australian Importer, Wholesaler and Retailer of Bell Auto Racing Helmets for 30 years.

Bell is the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art head protection designed for professional and amateur drivers competing in the sport of auto racing.

From our first helmet manufactured in a garage behind Bell Auto Parts in Bell, California in 1954 under the leadership of Roy Richter, to the present line, we’re constantly breaking new ground in safety, protection, comfort, technology and innovation. We know that, as quick as the final flash of that checkered flag, the future soon becomes the past – we don’t look back, we push forward, searching for the next finish line, the next win in a long history of wins. That legacy continues today with the purpose of creating and producing state-of-the-art head protection worn by the world’s best drivers.

The Bell name is synonymous with safety, innovation, performance and engineering excellence.