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The RPM ATECH CARBON RS7 has passed the stringent requirements of the Standard FIA 8862-2009, designed for the new generation car, ideal for tall drivers, its ergonomic shape allows a large integration in cars.

Features RPM ATECH CARBON RS7 8862-2009

-Carbon shell
-Side head protection
-Preformed shell with ASS (Anatomic Shell System)
-New seat belt slot fixed to the shell
-Velour fabric covering
-Technical insert
– No slip cushion
– 5 seat belt opening – compatible with 6 pt harness
– Lateral fixing
– Weight 9.25 kg
– Total weight 10.60 kg
– FIA 8862-2009 standard

* Side mounts not included – ATECH 8862 steel brackets must be used*

RPM ATECH 8862 STEEL BRACKETS RS7 CARBON – Revolution Racegear

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