Tow Hooks Motorsport Australia/CAMS Spec

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Motorsport Australia / CAMS Spec Tow Hooks

Tow Hooks short type – ready to be fitted to any car with ease.
Only available in red, they are extremely visible for fast towing or extraction no matter where it is mounted.

Dimensions – 40mm internal opening. 175mm overall length. 67mm external of ring. 31mm wide “shaft”. 4mm thick plate. 120mm length of shaft to internal of opening.

Complies with Motorsport Australia / CAMS spec subject to actual mounting/installation. TECHNICAL APPENDIX   Schedule B

(r)    be fitted with a visible towing point (capable of accepting a 40mm OD cylindrical test object) fitted forward of the front axle and rearward of the rear axle and capable of towing the Automobile on a sealed surface with its wheels locked. Where a tow point is obscured, each tow point must be marked with the word “TOW” of a contrasting colour marking the location of each tow point. A road registered series production Automobile fitted with any unmodified original equipment tow point will be exempt from these requirements, save for the requirement to identify an obscured front and/or rear tow point;

TOW DECAL – Revolution Racegear

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