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MOLECULE SPOT CLEANER – a concentrated formula that safely dissolves and suspends tough spots and stains which can degrade fabric performance.

Use as a pre-wash spot cleaner treatment before laundering with MOLECULE WASH.

  • Safely dissolves embedded spots and stains, including oils
  • Concentrated formula penetrates deeply to lift soils
  • Part of the Molecule Performance Apparel Care System
  • For use as a pre-treatment with MOLECULE WASH

Molecule was developed on a mission to keep things clean. Based in San Clemente, California, Molecule is synonymous with performance for those who won’t settle for anything but the best. Proud to be fully made in the USA, Molecule manufactures premium solutions for premium athletes.

After years of development, testing in the lab and experience in the field, Molecule has established it’s place as the motorsport leader in apparel, helmet and vehicle care technologies.

We take chemistry seriously and the science behind our formulas prove it. We’ve gone to great extents to develop each formula to not only perform in the laboratory, but also on the track.

Sourcing the best raw ingredients from suppliers around the globe specifically for our propriety formulas make a difference when putting Molecule to the test. Raw ingredients are verified, batch coded and documented for each production cycle to ensure quality of every bottle produced.

MOLECULE WASH 16oz POUR BOTTLE – Revolution Racegear

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