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Toe Plates, the Quickest and simplest way to measure toe-in and set or check your wheel alignment at the track.

  • Rest one of these plates against the tire on each side and measure toe directly using the 2 tape measures (included)
  • Formed design is rigid for accuracy and stays put against the tire
  • Kick-out design holds plates flat against the wheel
  • Magnets hold tape in place
  • Dimensions: 23 1/2″ x 9″
  • Big slot measures 3” from ground.
  • Little slot measures 2 ¼” from ground
  • These plates are best used with two people

Toe is the pointing in or pointing out of the front wheels as viewed from the top of the car. If the front wheels point in, at the front edge of the wheels then you have toe in. If the front wheels point out at the front edge then you have toe out.

When using toe plates be sure to have the toe plates resting flat on the ground and centered on the tyre.

Toe settings should be checked often. Any contact with other cars or retaining walls is likely to change your toe setting. Changes in ride height can have an effect on toe as well.


LONGACRE TURN PLATES (PAIR) – Revolution Racegear

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