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LONGACRE DELUXE 2.5” 0-15psi Tyre Pressure Gauge

The Longacre analog tyre pressure gauges range have sharp looking graphics and use a more durable mechanism to withstand tough racing use and still maintain accuracy.

LONGACRE DELUXE 2.5” 0-15psi Tyre Pressure Gauge – includes both angle and ball chucks

  • 2 1/2″ Glow-In-The-Dark face for high accuracy and easy readability
  • High flow air pressure release button
  • Swivel angle chuck installed with alternate ball chuck included.
  • Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life
  • Flexible 17″ red hose


Do Not overinflate the maximum pressure on your tire pressure gauge. Doing so may cause damage to the gauge.

Things to think about when purchasing a quality tyre pressure gauge.

PSI Range ~ The most important decision is to get a gauge that works within the pressure range of the tires that you will be using the gauge on. For example, if you run 30 psi in your tires then you should get a 60 psi gauge. If you run 15 psi then you should get a 30 psi gauge. All tire gauges work best in the middle of their range.

PSI Increments ~ PSI increments are another thing to consider when choosing the correct gauge. The finer the increments, the more accurate reading you will get.

Digital ~ Digital gauges are great, however the cheaper the sensor the less accurate the gauge is. With these gauges you get what you pay for.

Analog ~ Analog gauges are a great unit of measurement for the money. Normally, the bigger the face size the better the gauge is.

Face Size ~ The larger the tire gauge the more accurate it is, in most cases.

Chucks ~ Longacre installs a swivel style angle tire chuck on all of our tire pressure gauges. A swivel chuck is very nice in case the hose gets twisted up you can correct it. Longacre also includes an alternate ball chuck with all of our tire gauges. It is easily swapped out if you prefer it to the angle chuck.

Holds Pressure ~ Do you need a gauge that when you check the pressure you can still read it when you pull it off the tire?

Bleeds air ~ All Longacre tire gauges will allow you to bleed off air when checking the tire pressure.

Protective Bumper ~ All Longacre tire gauges have a protective bumper.

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