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Reflect-A-Cool™ solves the problem of heat intrusion into interiors and components.

Constructed of fiberglass material backed with a layer of aluminized reflective foil to handle direct continuous temperature of 400°F has many uses such as covering firewalls, marine engine compartments, RVs, in the tub of a race car where typical mechanical fasteners cannot be used and has many industrial uses. Reflect-A-Cool™ can be trimmed to fit just about any shape. Just measure, trim, face reflective side towards source of radiant heat and remove self-adhesive backing. It’s that easy.

Protect wires, cables, hoses, pipes & tubing from radiant heat sources
Radiant heat protection up to 2000°F
Self-adhesive backing with release liner for easy installation
Moisture & solvent resistant
Virtually NO clearance needed
Light weight and flexible-Trim to size
0.0065″ thick
Easy to apply, won’t lift off

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 8 cm