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Now is the time to chill the whole team with the Chillout Pit Chill Cooler station.

Pre-cool your drivers while keeping your crew comfortable and focused with our extremely powerful and light weight pit cooler system. The Pit Chill Station easily keeps 6 adults cool (or up to 12 adults with 6 x Y split hoses) thanks to 3 super powerful 1,870 BTU rotary micro-compressors on board. A sizable 40 liter per minute pump system maintains 20 psi at all times ensuring everyone connected remains cool.

A real game changer, the Chill Station creates a micro-climate inside that keeps you sweat free while out of the car. Perfect for endurance teams with multiple drivers and teams that are operating in intense climates on track.

The groundbreaking ice-less cooling system delivers a high standard product that requires minimal labor, eliminating the track day nuances that come with inferior cooling methods such as archaic dry ice. We save you the added weight, time and effort by cutting the bulk out. No ice, no water, no maintenance. Focus on what’s important, winning!


3 x 1,870 BTU rotary micro-compressors
Connect up to 12 adults (using our Y-split hoses)
Pumps 40 L per minute at 20 psi


Chill Station
Power Cable

CHILLOUT HOSE-Y ADAPTOR – Revolution Racegear