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An Ultra-efficient and lightweight design, the Chillout 4 ” 285 CFM blower offers high output pressure and low amp draw.

This is the most powerful and reliable 4 ” blower in its class. Ideal blower fan to provide airflow to a Chillout Driver cooling unit.

  • CFM 285
  • 4.7 Amps
  • 12 Volts
  • Lightweight

Can also be used to provide airflow into the cockpit of race cars with high ambient cockpit temperature to assist with keeping the race driver comfortable. Pair it up with the Chillout 4″ NACA duct and duct hose.


ChillOut Systems is a global shift in driver cooling. Founder Charles Kline brings over 15 years of product development and manufacturing experience with a team made up of the best engineers and designers from around the globe. Together, ChillOut Systems is the most technologically forward thinking, powerful and lightweight driver cooling system in the world.

Our ethos; Professional, Quality, Efficient. Pushing technology to find new levels of performance. ChillOut is a team of racers, innovators, thinkers and designers. Our products are a testament to the high standards we sustain.

The groundbreaking ice-less cooling system delivers a high standard product. One that requires minimal labor, eliminating the track day nuances that come with inferior cooling methods such as dry ice. We save you the added weight, time and effort by cutting the bulk out. No ice, no water, no maintenance. Focus on what’s important, winning!


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