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Bell Racing offers SE03 / SE05 pivot kit & screws in a range of anodized colours.

The coloured SE03 / SE05 PIVOT kit & screws are available for helmets that use (SE03 / SE05) shields

  • Bell GP3
  • Bell GTX3
  • Bell GT5 Touring
  • Bell GT5 touring rally
  • Bell GT5 ST
  • Bell HP5 series helmets.

These kits include the appropriate screws and washers to refresh the look of your helmet with coloured pivot screws and tie into your helmet and visor colour scheme..

TOP TIP!  Check the tension of your pivot screws using your Bell Hex key at the start of each race day to reduce the possibility of loose visor or losing screws.

BELL PIVOT HEX WRENCH – Revolution Racegear


Bell Auto Racing Motorsport helmets have been worn by more Champions in all forms of auto racing than any other helmet brand since 1954.

Revolution Racegear is proud to represent Bell Auto Racing Helmets in Australia. Revolution Racegear has been the Official Australian Importer, Wholesaler and Retailer of Bell Auto Racing Helmets for 30 years.

Bell is the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art head protection designed for professional and amateur drivers competing in the sport of auto racing.

The Bell name is synonymous with safety, innovation, performance and engineering excellence.

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