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AP PRF 660/R3 Brake Fluid

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AP PRF 660 / R3 Brake Fluid – intended for competition use.

AP Racing Brake Fluids – developed specifically for use under the arduous conditions encountered at the highest levels of motorsport. All AP Racing Brake Fluids with the exception of R4 are compatible with all hydraulic brake systems that have been designed to conform to S.A.E. J1703 requirements.

AP R3 Brake Fluid details.

  • Advanced moisture resistance properties
  • Low levels of viscosity (for ease of bleeding).
  • Low levels of compressibility.
  • R3 meets DOT4 specifications.
  • Suitable for all top levels of motorsport where abnormal temperatures are experienced.
  • Can be mixed with other DOT4 racing brake fluids.
  • For maximum product performance brake systems should be thoroughly purged with R3 fluid.

NOTE. With the introduction of an inhibitor R3 is now able to be used with magnesium components.

‘Typical’ Boiling Points.
– New Dry 325°C
– ‘Wet’ E.R. 195°C

To obtain best performance from racing brake systems.

  • Bleed the system thoroughly.
  • Bleed the entire system prior to each event.
  • Always use fresh fluid from a sealed bottle.
  • Replace the bottle cap when not in use.
  • Never re-use brake fluid.

High temperature brake fluids should not be used as a substitute for proper brake cooling.

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