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The Alpinestars’ Cool Vest keeps the driver comfortable when the thermometer rises. Incorporated stretch inserts for fit and ventilation ports for airflow and breathability, the vest features an innovative cooling system which evenly releases moisture, thus significantly regulating the vascular system and limiting the effects of heat exhaustion. Extremely lightweight with a refillable water chamber, the Cool Vest performs time and time again in providing pre or post cooling.

  • Three-layer textile construction with moisture-wicking fleece lining.
  • Anatomical fit with stretch inserts on side torso.
  • Strategically positioned ventilation for airflow and breathability.
  • Innovative core cooling system evenly releases moisture.
  • Helps maintain a stable core body temperature and delay the onset of dehydration through fluid loss from sweating.
  • Lightweight chassis with refillable water chamber for repeat use.
  • Only requires 500ml of water.
  • Vest features anti-bacterial properties.
What is precooling?
The basis of a precooling strategy is to reduce body temperature before exercise, thereby increasing the margin for metabolic heat production and increasing the time to reach the critical limiting temperature when a given exercise intensity can no longer be maintained.
What is post cooling?
Cooling down after your workout lets the heart rate and blood pressure slowly recover to pre-exercise levels.

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