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Aerocatch designed this system to have an extremely slimline and flush mounting system to have minimal material exposed. If an ultimate sleek
and stealth style of locking system is what you are after, the Aerocatch flush kit is the way to go.

Having steel strike pins, AeroCatch Xtreme has been designed to withstand the conditions found in the most severe motorsport events. Listening to and working with customers involved in off-road racing, Aerocatch engineers have gained essential feedback to provide a platform to ruggedise the product.

Aerocatch Xtreme is easier and safer to use than traditional “sliding pin” catches and is less hazardous for support crews.

Team managers will be pleased to note this version of AeroCatch retails at the same cost as standard AeroCatch bonnet/hood pins. There is no price penalty for a product even more suited to their needs.


AeroCatch is a universal product, which version is best for you will depend on the application; hood/bonnet, tailgate, bumper etc.  However, most applications are hood/bonnet and we recommend the 120 Series for its ease of installation.

If you are looking to add an AeroCatch to your street car we recommend that you buy the locking versions. (120-2100,  125-2100). There are also other points to consider when choosing your AeroCatch. For example, for AeroCatch to be installed correctly the panel that is being installed on must be fairly flat. Another point to consider is the location of the strike pin. This could dictate the position of the AeroCatch on the hood/bonnet.

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